• We put a lot of efforts and attention in our craftsmanship to offer high-quality scarves for the best comfort of use to our beloved customers❤️. We select renown and talented French illustrators that design for us unique signature designs that clearly stand out from the mainstream designs we usually find.
  • We select premium fabrics (such as Maxmara satin Silk or Voal Ultrafine) that are very soft and comfortable to wear. Those fabrics make it easy to place the hijabs and scarves, they don't slip, and they don't affect the hearing. We believe that quality must serve the comfort of use.
  • We select eco-friendly water-based inks absolutely free of heavy metals making our products 100% safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. Protecting the environment is not just a trend, we strive to reduce the environmental footprint of our company
  • We quality control each of our scarves, one by one, to make sure that our quality is consistent. We control all the details that count in the workmanship of hijabs and scarves. We control the whole process such as the quality of the printing (consistency of the colors and the precision of the details) and the quality of the stitching (making sure the stitching is thorough and neat). All products that do not meet our quality standards are put aside.